Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm NOT dead!

BLAH! I have been so insanely busy lately! Chicken with it's head cut off doesn't even come close to describing it!! Here are just a few of the reasons I dropped off the face of the planet:

1. Infant baby boy.
2. Moved into a new house!!! Smile!
3. Packing and then unpacking every last earthly possession into new house. Frown.
4. Had to go to the emergency room (on Easter no less) with STROKE symptoms only to find out I was having some out of control migraine from HELL due to lack of sleep.
5. Wedding season is upon us.
6. Two trips to Las Vegas to film weddings.
7. Got ROBBED in Las Vegas by an asinine thug in desperate need of a conscience.
8. Trying to lose baby weight. (ha ha good one)
9. Attempting to raise three children to be decent, wholesome, God-fearing people. (double good one)
10. Continuing to build a life and relationship with spouse. (the only reason I haven't taken the easy way out by flinging myself wildly off the nearest cliff)

There you have it. I promise to post pictures soooo soon! You won't even recognize Finn. I'll give you a hint by just saying this: FAT!

p.s. Thanks to said asinine thug, I need all of your phone numbers and addresses. Please message or email me with your info!! Thanks Peeps!


Not Dead