Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well Mr. Disney, you've done it again... have completely stolen my breath away as well as my girlish heart.
My little family of four returned recently from the happiest place on earth and as far as I am concerned it still holds that coveted title. I have been to Disneyland a ridiculous amount of times. I will be the very first to admit that my love of this place boarders on obsession. I have visited Disneyland during each stage of my life all the way from birth and I must say that I have never seen more magic and wonder in it than I did during this last visit. This is because I viewed it through the eyes of a three year old. It was honestly like I was seeing everything for the very first time. The trip was full of tears of joy, tears of sadness, and tears of anger due to suckers being stolen by younger siblings. We witnessed magical parades, singing birds, talking insects, and my personal favorite, Goofy shifting his personal area when he thought no one was looking. Come on now Goofy, is there EVER a time when no one is looking?
I have come to the conclusion that when traveling with children, there is "good Disneyland" and there is "bad Disneyland". Which one you experience relies exclusively on the mood of your little ones. We experienced BOTH many times through out our stay, and I have pictures to prove it (as you will see). I think my favorite part is that cotton candy and churros can more often than not change "bad Disneyland" to "good Disneyland". Contrary wise, passing a candy stand without indulging can quickly flip "good Disneyland" to "disastrous Disneyland". For example:

In this shot, "good Disneyland" has turned upside down into "tragic Disneyland" because "King Henry" did not want to wear his crown and smile for the picture.

In this shot we were able to quickly salvage the moment and change "sad Disneyland" to "happy Disneyland" by purchasing a $7.00 sucker at the candy shop on Main Street USA

This is what I like to call "tired Disneyland" which is remedied only by sippy cups of milk, blankies, and reclined stroler seats.

This is called "try to stifle the lump in your throat and hold back the inevitable tears at the adorableness of your husband and child Disneyland"

Much to Maggie's dismay, this one is called "you can't please everyone Disneyland"

"Mommy keeping the troops' spirits up Disneyland"

This is called "diapers are changed and tummies are full take a moment to breath Disneyland"

This is called "diapers are full, tummies are empty, and it is waaay past bedtime Disneyland"

"Family portrait Disneyland"

"Nervous to ride the Matterhorn Disneyland"

This is "daddy turns waiting in a boring line into instant laughter Disneyland"

This one is my personal favorite. I call this one "it is worth every penny and we can't wait to go back Disneyland"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome Baby Vanessa!

So this Saturday was Di's baby shower and let me tell you it was adorable!! It was all decked out in Vanessa's nursery colors; pink and brown (a stunning combination if I do say so myself, Di). It was so totally adorable and so were the gifts! If it wasn't hand sewn it was hand crafted in some other way. This is a talented bunch of ladies you are looking at! We need to go into business or something. Anyway, it was amazing to see you all! Love and kisses and other wonderful things!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My deepest appologies to Mrs. Haws

Well here I sit eating my words. I vowed I would never make a blog because I found it too time consuming . I thought that facebook and myspace were completely adequate for my internet socializing needs. Well most of my friends who I wanted to keep in contact with have deserted those ridiculous sights. And for good reason!! They have become completely tainted and cluttered with:
1. Photos of women who have their perky slutty butts perched high in the air.
2. Silly applications where you can "super poke" one another and tell each other that you are "crushing" on each other's friends.
3. A plethora of mindless quizes. "Which Warner Brothers character are you most likely to date? Take this quiz to find out!"
4. Bulletins. People posting bulletins that say nothing more than "Good night!" or something equally as time waisting.

I ask you this; are we in junior high? What started out as a wonderful way to keep in touch with old friends has now been completely overrun with teenage tom foolery. Now, in stating my opinions, I really hope I haven't stepped on any toes. I have "super poked" my friends, I have taken the quizes. I am not above it, I am just over it. I will continue to check my facebook and myspace. There are still some amazing people on those sights that I will keep in contact with, but I must take the next step and move on. This is where my blog begins!

And now my apology: I must apologize to Jayna. Jayna invited me to join the blogging world months ago and I mocked her and gave her a severe tongue lashing. I told her that I would never be able to spend the time it takes to check other people's blogs or tend to my own. I told her that myspace and facebook were sufficient for my needs and that I would likely never get a blog. I am completely willing to say at this time, Jayna, you were right and I am wrong. I am a trife, and you are a sweet pumpkin on stilts.

Well there you have it. My first entry. I promise to post lots of pictures. We just returned from Disneyland and there are hundreds of adorable moments captured on film that need to be seen by all of you.

Peace in the middle east.