Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Can Be Reverent

It's too funny, I have to share it with you. Henry gave a talk in church on Sunday. Now when I say "gave a talk" I mean he had Daddy at his side feeding him his lines loud enough for the entire primary to hear. This is because, bless little albino monkey heart, you can't understand a word the child is saying. (Not to worry, we are on it . The speech therapist is hopeful that he will be understood by the masses by kindergarten) ANWAY! This is all beside the point. His talk was on reverence. I wanted to keep the primary children's interest so I took a bunch of pictures of Henry and made them each an 8X10 for visual effect. I was not anticipating how freaking CUTE the pictures would turn out! How I love my little dapper man. This is all I will say. See the full talk below. Hilarity and cuteness ensues...

Sometimes I like to play and be loud!

I like to wrestle with my daddy

I like to swing on the swings with my sister

It's fun to run and play!

But sometimes we need to be reverent

Like when we go to church on Sunday

Or during family home evening

We can be reverent by folding our arms

And sitting quietly in our chairs

When we are reverent we can hear the Holy Ghost whisper to our hearts

When we are reverent we make Heavenly Father and Jesus happy.

I can be reverent when I need to. This in one way I choose the right.