Monday, March 15, 2010

Long Winded

I was just reading over my old blog posts and I have come to the conclusion that I am extremely long winded! I can't believe that you read my ridiculous lengthy posts! I'm so sorry! So to rectify the situation I will try writing shorter, less boring posts. Like this.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is Finn. Also known as "Butters". Butters is what one might call "busy". I give him this title for two reasons:

#1. Butters enjoys putting things in his mouth. Nothing is off limits for that naughty little mouth. Pennies, used Kleenex, Rob's shoes, old Bandaids found in the trash, dust bunnies - all straight to the mouth. It matters not how disgusting or vile the item may be. No discrimination! All items of any shape, size, smell, or color are welcomed and encouraged by the chubby fist to enter the wide open waiting mouth of my child. Pardon me for a moment as I dry heave remembering the hair covered lint ball I pulled from his mouth this morning. (Not to worry, though. When daddy put a small piece of tortilla in his mouth on quesadilla night, it was promptly rejected complete with spitting noises and a look of sheer disgust.) My life is lived in fear that my child will surely choke and die when my back is turned. Fun for all!

#2. Butters can not be bothered with baby toys. Colorful, noisy, obnoxious items made for children are clearly beneath my child's intelligence level. He will have nothing to do with them. He's more of an electronics man. He can often be found stuck behind the TV tangled in wires (one of which will most assuredly be IN HIS MOUTH). He could also be considered an avid reader (or book eater, either way), his favorite author being Grisham. Now that he can stand, the book shelf presents a whole new world for Butters. Glass vases, canvas paintings, wooden sculptures, all thrown to the ground and wildy attacked leaving nearly everything we own cracked, dinged or crusty with baby spittle. I won't go into details, but Butters also enjoys waste baskets and garbage cans. Muy Deliciouso!

He keeps me busy. Extremely busy. Busy to the point where my house and other children probably feel neglected and confused as to where their mother went. BUT I honestly can't complain. He is happy and extremely good natured. He rarely cries or whines. His fat rolls are delicious to munch on and his laugh is completely infectious. He brings a strong spirit of joy into my home and who couldn't use ridiculous amounts of joy in there home? I ask you! At the end of the day I am grateful that he is strong, and creative enough to be busy. But most of all I am grateful that I caught the Barbie shoe before it lodged itself into my child's throat.